Red’s Weekly 2002 NFL Roundup – Week 18

It was a fairly interesting ending to a reasonably interesting regular season. There were a few playoff spots up for grabs, a couple of “win and in” games and a few surprises. Here is Red’s final ranking before the real fun begins.

  1. Buffalo Bills – The Bills trounced old rival Patriots from the get go. Red cannot remember the last time there were 2 touchdowns on kick returns in one game.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles – It weren’t pretty but the Eagles took care of business, locked down the No. 1 seed and two weeks rest for Jalen “Hurts”. Expect the Eagles to be ready to face whomever is coming down the pike.
  3. San Francisco 49ers – The most improbable story of the season has an unknown third-string quarterback leading the late season charge after the team secures one of the best RBs available. Will Mr. Purdy be able to handle the playoff pressure?
  4. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs looked better in stomping the Raiders. But it was the Raiders after all.
  5. Cincinnati Bengals – Still playing as well as any team right now. They can beat any team on any given Sunday.
  6. Los Angles Chargers – Are they just satisfied to have finally made the post-season.
  7. Seattle Seahawks – Don’t discount Pete Carrol in the playoffs. He has won games with worse teams than this. What a glorious season for Geno Smith – almost certainly the comeback player of the year.
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tom Brady in the playoffs is always dangerous.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars – All of London celebrates their team making the playoffs. Pubs will be crowded on Sunday.
  10. Dallas Cowboys – Looked inept in every phase of the game against a Commanders team with nothing to play for except hatred of the Cowboys – admittedly a powerful motivation. It’s a bad time for your rushing game to disappear.
  11. Baltimore Ravens – Unlikely to surprise anyone in the playoffs, but their defense could keep it close.
  12. Minnesota Vikings – The only playoff team with a negative point differential based on a few blowout losses.
  13. Miami Dolphins – Crawled over the finish line with 9-6 win over Jets.
  14. New York Giants – Some team has to be the worst team in the playoffs.
  15. Detroit Lions – It turns out that Red’s 2022 NFL Team of Destined was only destined to keep the Packers out of the playoffs. Watch out next season.
  16. Pittsburgh Stealers – Definitely headed in the right direction after disastrous start to season.
  17. New England Patriots – Bellicheat is back for season 24.
  18. Green Bay Packers – A pathetic end to an absurd season. Who wants the damaged goods that is A. Rodgers? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone?
  19. Washington Commanders – With a real quarterback, they could be dangerous but only to themselves.
  20. New Orleans Saints – With a real quarterback, they could be average which would be a big improvement.
  21. Atlanta Falcons – With a real quarterback, they could be a football team or win the North American Cornhole Championship.
  22. Las Vegas Raiders – With a real quarterback, they will still suck – but to be fair they will suck anyway.
  23. Tennessee Titans – With a real quarterback, they will still be in Nashville and not talked about in the right circles.
  24. Cleveland Browns – Have a real quarterback (and problem child); still going nowhere.
  25. New York Jets – Novels could be written about the Jets 2022 season. Publishers are waiting with bated breath or possibly baited breath (minnows).
  26. Carolina Panthers – Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Just asking for a friend.
  27. Los Angeles Rams – It was fun while it lasted. Well not that much fun.
  28. Arizona Cardinals – Just got better with the firing of Kliff K.
  29. Denver Broncos – Did they play some games this season? Red forgets.
  30. Chicago Bears – Technically the worst team. Spiritually the best.
  31. Houston Texans – Blew the No. 1 pick, but worth it to beat the hated Colts in Indy.
  32. Indianapolis Colts – Pathetic in every phase of the game including the coin toss.

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