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The Worst President?

Red was talking with Red Jr. the other day and a thought crossed his mind.  Red was thinking, “at least Lil’ Red is somewhat lucky in that he has already almost lived through the worst American President he will ever see in his lifetime in Donald Trump.”

Red was about to speak up but then another thought came to mind.  When Red was a young man, someone older and wiser might have said to him, “Red you have just lived through the Nixon presidency and you will never see a worse American president for the rest of your days.”

Red kept quiet because he now knows that Tricky Dick has been lapped by the field.

How Low Can He Go (cont.)?

According to the latest Fox News poll, Donald Trump is still sinking.  Yes, even Fox Freaking News has Trump seriously underwater for a president this early in a first term.

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president? [IF APPROVE / DISAPPROVE: Is that strongly (approve/disapprove), or only somewhat?]

             Approve Disapprove (Don’t know)
May 17     40%         53                       7
Apr 17      45%         48                       7
Mar 17     43%         51                       6
Feb 17      48%         47                      6   
 These numbers are bad enough, but the news gets worse for the golden-haired would-be strongman. The Fox News Poll has only 28% strongly approving of Trump with 46% strongly disapproving of the Donald’s performance as America’s first reality TV show president.  Which means that those who disapprove of Trump – continue to really disapprove, while at the same time his die-hard sycophants are steadily dwindling in number. 

How Low Can He Go?

Donald Trump’s latest approval rating has him at 37% favorable.   Trump has ranged from a high of 46% right after taking office to his current low in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll.   Even more troubling for Trump should be the steady rise in his disapproval rating which is now at an all time high of 58% up 13 points from January.

For comparison, only Bill Clinton and Bush I were in the 50’s at this point in their presidencies and most presidents have been above 60% with Carter, Kennedy and Eisenhower in the 70’s.

Not that you asked, but Red thinks the current approval floor is a bit above the pathetic 25% W. Bush hit at the end of his disastrous second term.  Red reckons that about 29% of Americans will approve of Trump no matter what he says or does.   But even the 30’s are troubling  – with such lows having been hit by embattled and impeached Nixon and incompetent and overwhelmed W. Bush in their second terms as well as by one-termers Carter and Bush I.