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Trump Gives Limbaugh Medal

Trumph – the Insult Comic President – awarded right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Racism, Misogyny, Deceit, Insult, Narcissism and Demagoguery (f/k/a the Presidential Medal of Freedom) during his Mis-State of the Union Address last night.   It was entirely fitting as Trump owes his entire political existence to the path that Limbaugh forged.  Before Limbaugh a philandering, lying, cheating, swearing, bankrupt, swindling con man such as Trump would have never found a home in what used to be a respected political party.  Limbaugh lowered the bar for entry by spreading his toxic brand of take-no-prisoners, right wing, utter bullshit to indoctrinate working class and poor whites into believing that Republicans had their best interests at heart.  Trump took advantage and has now rewarded his avatar.

Is Mark Levin a Rascist, a Moron or Merely a Lying Scumbag?

Red has intentionally avoided joining in the chorus of voices regarding this week’s incident at the pool party in McKinney.  But then Red inadvertently hit upon Mark Levin’s screed that poses for a radio show yesterday.  He was ranting about the injustice of the resignation of Eric Casebolt –  the McKinney police officer who was caught on camera wrestling a 15 year old girl in a bikini to the ground and then yanking out his gun and pointing it at two other black kids who had approached and then already started retreating.  Levin was desperately attempting to justify the now disgraced officer’s actions.  Levin claimed that the officer was justified in pulling out his weapon because he was confronted by “two brutes – BRUTES” – screamed into the microphone by this pathetic excuse for a commentator.    Watch the video and decide for yourself about the actions of these “BRUTES.”  They apparently respond to cries from the girl being manhandled by the officer, but as soon as the officer looks up, they move away and are rapidly leaving the area when Casebolt pulls out his gun – only to be restrained by another officer who hasn’t lost his cool.   One of the teens, Adrian Martin, was interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell last night.   Martin, the only person arrested in the entire ordeal, was later released with all charges dropped.  If the lack of any real arrests doesn’t sway your opinion about the gross overreaction of Casebolt, then maybe O’Donnell’s interview with Martin will.  Martin, who appears to be on the slight side for a “BRUTE” is a well-spoken young man.  He indicated that he has no intent of suing the police for wrongful arrest and expressed his gratitude to the police officers who responded appropriately to the incident.  But that won’t sway the Tea Party screamers like Levin.