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Is Paul Ryan Stupid or a Liar?

Taking off his coat, rolling up his sleeves and getting down to work trying to sell the America people a bill of goods, Paul Ryan revealed that he either has no clue how insurance actually works or he is willing to say anything to make a case for  TRUMPcare in the post-fact era in which we live.

The fatal conceit of Obamacare is that ‘We’re just going to make everybody buy our health insurance at the federal government level; young and healthy people are going to go into the market and pay for the older, sicker people.’ So the young healthy person is going to be made to buy health care, and they’re going to pay for the person, you know, who gets breast cancer in her 40s. Or who gets heart disease in his 50s.

So take a look at this chart. The red slice here are what I would call people with preexisting conditions. People who have real health-care problems. The blue is the rest of the people in the individual market — that’s the market where people don’t get health insurance at their jobs where they buy it themselves. The whole idea of Obamacare is the people on the blue side pay for the people on the red side. The people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick.

It’s not working, and that’s why it’s in a death spiral.

Pay attention Mr. Speaker – that is exactly how all forms of insurance work.  Everyone covered pays premiums to spread out the risk and benefits are paid out to those who are unfortunate enough to be injured, lose property, get flooded or need medical care.  You can’t possibly be that stupid, so the only alternative is that you are following the leader of your party and have become willing to say anything with the expectation that there are no consequences for lying through your teeth.

TrumpCare Shows Trump Cares Not for Most of His Voters

The TrumpCare bill currently being floated is not a healthcare bill at all.  It is a tax cut for the wealthiest of the wealthy being disguised as healthcare reform.  The estimates are that the top 1/10th of 1 percent of taxpayers will see about a $200,000 tax cut.  Those poor souls earning only a mere million a year will see about a $50,000 tax cut.  Meanwhile, those at the bottom and many persons over 50 will see large increases in premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expense.  And they will get a largely worthless tax credit to help them out.   All those old angry white voters who voted for Trump thinking they were finally going to get some attention from D.C. will be left holding the bag so that Trump’s real constituency (read other wealthy folks like Trump) can get a big-ass tax cut.  Did any of you who voted for Trump really think that it would be otherwise?   Is it possible that you were that stupid?

Red’s absolute favorite part of TrumpCare is the tax break for the big bonuses paid to insurance company executives.  Red can’t imagine why that was put into the bill.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with trying to line up insurance industry support for TrumpCare, could it?  Nah!

Red fully supports TrumpCare with its tax cuts for the wealthiest and plan to hammer the poor and working class on health care costs-  because that is what America deserves to get for voting Trump into office.  Don’t come crying to Red when you are paying through the nose.  He has coverage.