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Red’s NFL Picks – Week 3

Red was 5-1 on straight up picks in Week 2.  That puts Red at a respectable 8-4 for the season.  Red also made some decent calls on the betting line.

Eagles/Chiefs over – paid $

Seahawks/Niners under – paid $

Broncos +3 – paid $

Falcons/Packers over – paid $

Broncos/Cowboys under – bust

Chargers/Dolphins over – bust


Answer to last week’s trivia question:  Warren Moon was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2001 and the NFL Hall of Fame in 2006.  At the time of his retirement, Moon held combined CFl/NFL records for most pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards, and touchdowns, all of which have since been broken.

This week’s trivia question:

Which player had the longest scoring run from scrimmage in NFL history?

Your Longest Yard Pick of the Week – Raiders over OTNAs.  Red hasn’t finalized his season ending picks yet – which is kind of cheating – okay really cheating, but the Raiders in their current form and playing in a dilapidated POS of a stadium  are looking more and more like a team that could possibly, if they stay healthy, on a good weather day and with all the breaks going in their favor, actually beat the hated evil empire of the defending NFL Champion Patriots.  How’s that for a Conradesque sentence?  The Raiders offense (con El Beast) is trending towards unstoppable at times.  Meanwhile the OTNAs are living down to doormat of the NFC East status.  Take the Raiders giving up somewhere between 7 and 34.   Oakland 45 Landover, MD 10

Your Pennsylvania Pick of the Week – Eagles over Giants.  The Eagles loss to the peaking to soon Chiefs may be a good thing in the long run.  They lost no ground on the Cowboys and actually were in this game until Carson Wentz gave away 7 points.  You can’t give the Chiefs anything right now.  Meanwhile the Giants are muddled mess searching for an offense and wondering what happened to their vaunted D.  Take the Eagles giving up 3.5.  Take it to the bank.  Philadelphia 21 New Jersey 13

Your Texas Pick of the Week – Patriots over Texans.  Does Red really have to explain this pick?  Pats lead all-time series 8-1 (including playoff buttwhippings in 2012 and 2016 seasons).  Texans have never been close in a game played at Foxboro.  The closest they have come to winning a meaningful game against the Pats was in 2003 when they took them to OT in a sloppy game on a Sunday night in November.  The only victory in the series was the season-ender in 2009 when they eked out a win over a Pats team that had nothing to play for and Texans were fighting for their first winning season ever.  Tom Brady v. DeShaun Watson, Bellicheat v. Bill O’ the Clown.  Dynasty v. Definition of Mediocrity.  Maybe the Texans will surprise by keeping it close – a moral victory this early in the season.  Red likes the under at 43.5.  Texans are getting 13.5 which might look nice, but don’t be a sucker. New England  24 Houston 10.

Your Running Out of Bounds Pick of the Week – Browns over Colts.  The first Shit Bowl of the year.  And a particularly huge stinking turd of a game this will be – except for the fact that Browns fans will get to celebrate the first of a few hard fought wins this week.  If your are unfortunate enough to live in an area that will be broadcasting this game, please fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables in an upright position before settling in to watch this Boring Bowel Battle.  Cleveland (+2.5) is a favorite on the road for the first time in 3 years.  Which tells you two things: (1) if that somehow interests you and you are even thinking you might be somehow inclined to bet on this game, you my friend have a serious problem; and (2) the Colts have hit bottom and are still digging.  Cleveland 17 Indianapolis 9.

Your Heisman Trophy Pick of the Week –  Titans over Seahawks.   Mr. M. Mariota seemed to find the formula last week against a pretty good Jaguars defense.  Seahawks defense is probably better – but not that much better and Seahawks offense looks particularly inept right now – which is something of an insult to the inept.  Titans have a nice rushing duo with Henry and Murray and an efficient passing game.  They will win a lot of games the old-fashioned way –  with ball control and defense.    The under looks pretty tempting at 43, but Red says so with some trepidation as he can resist anything but temptation.   Tennessee 20 Seattle 10.

Your Rookie of the Year Pick of the Week –  Jaguars over Ravens.  The Jaguars travel to their home away from home at Wembley in London (future home of the London Lords in 2025 Red predicts) for the Sunday breakfast taco game at La Casa Rojo this week.   The Jags are actually 2-2 in England since the NFL began forcing them to play one home game a year “across the pond.”  And they have won the last two such “matches.”  They have a reasonably favorable draw in a beat-up Ravens team that can’t protect Flacco Joe and that will have to rely on Javorious Allen and some other guys for offensive punch. Meanwhile, potential ROY Leonard Fournette has one of his better games.  Red likes the Jags getting 4.5 right now.  Jacksonville 24 Baltimore 17.