Let’s Compare our NFL Teams

As readers know, Red complains every year about the Cowboys getting all the press and most significantly national TV exposure – while the Houston Texans languish in the media doldrums and typically receive only the obligatory 1 or 2 national TV games each season.   So let’s look at the records of the two Texas teams over the last 14 years since the Texans arrived on the scene in 2002.

Overall Record:  Texans are 97-127, Cowboys are 118-106.

Playoff Appearances:  Texans 3, Cowboys 5.

Playoff Record:  Texans 2-2,  Cowboys 2-5.  Neither team has advanced past second round.

Head to Head:  Texans 1, Cowboys 2.

Okay, so Red has to admit that the Cowboys have the edge in all categories except percentage of playoff wins.  But the overall edge is not that great and the overall win/loss numbers are skewed by two abhorrent seasons in which the Texans went 2-14 and fired the head coach.  The difference clearly does not justify one team getting 10 national TV appearances this season and the other team getting 3 (including the late season flex to Sunday night of the Texans/Patriots game).





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