Bad News for Cruz

The latest Texas poll shows Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) barely edging out Donald Trump with Marco Rubio nipping at all 4 heels.  The Emerson College Polling Society  poll of “likely primary voters” shows Cruz at 29%, Trump at 28% and Rubio with 25%.  For reasons Red will never fathom, Rubio has the highest favorability rating among Texas GOP voters at 64% with only 29% viewing the Florida senator unfavorably.  Cruz trails with 56% to 41% favorable/unfavorable ratio.  Trump brings up the rear among the frontrunners with a 45% to 50% favorable/unfavorable deficit.

If Cruz cannot carry Texas by a fairly wide margin, it’s time for the Junior Senator to hang up the “argument boots” and go back to doing the job that he was elected to do and apparently hates so much.   The only losers will be his colleagues in the Senate – not one of whom has seen fit to endorse the Tea Party firebrand .

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