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File this Under Damn, Damn, Damn

CNN reports that Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) would have dropped out of the GOP race if he had lost Texas.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was prepared to drop out of the Republican presidential race had he lost his home state on Super Tuesday, he confirmed Wednesday, and is asking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to do the same should he lose his.

The comments come after Cruz fell well short of expectations he set for himself on Super Tuesday. But Rubio, his chief rival in the anti-Donald Trump contest, is not faring much better. Now, heading into a critical two-week stretch before the primary in Rubio’s home state, Cruz is aiming to change the narrative, working to sell his own donors and backers on his own viability, which is more in question than ever before given Trump’s command of the race.

Listen, everyone recognizes Donald Trump is a unique phenomenon. And we were encouraged by internal numbers, but you know, I asked the team what do we do if we lose Texas?” Cruz told reporters in Overland Park, Kansas, on Wednesday night. “And we had reached the conclusion, if we had lost Texas, that would’ve been the end of the road.”

You blew it Texas.  Now the road goes on forever and the party won’t end until the convention.

Shame on Oklahoma (and Alaska).

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) won the Oklahoma primary with 34.4% of the vote followed by Donald Trump at 28.6%.  At least Texas has an excuse for letting him win the Texas primary (albeit with less than 44% of the vote – compare that to Bernie’s win in Vermont) as we are responsible for putting the irascible junior senator into the national spotlight (or more accurately the blame should be placed on the 631,136 GOP voters representing about 5% of the Texas electorate who decided that David Dewhurst was not conservative enough in the 2012 GOP runoff).  In other words, Ted may be a deceitful dirty trickster, but he is our deceitful dirty trickster.  Oklahoma has no such excuse.  And who knows what goes on in an Alaskan caucus?

More Bad News for Cruz

The bad polling results in his home state keep piling up for Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas).  A SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFAA-TV in Dallas released on Wednesday shows Cruz and Donald Trump tied at 32% among likely and actual GOP primary voters.  The poll was taken after the South Carolina primary but before the results of the Nevada caucuses were known.  Cruz continues to poll well with self-described “very conservative” voters but is a walking disaster with moderates – getting on 18% support from that group.

In a very sick way, Red would like to see Cruz nominated because he believes that the Tea Party firebrand would go down in flames in a general election and likely never be heard from again as a serious candidate for president.  But even a remote chance of a Cruz victory is much too dangerous for this country.  However, if Cruz loses this go round, we undoubtedly have not heard the last from him.  That is, unless somehow Texas miraculously wakes up and boots him out of the Senate in 2018.  Not holding Red’s breath.

Bad News for Cruz

The latest Texas poll shows Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) barely edging out Donald Trump with Marco Rubio nipping at all 4 heels.  The Emerson College Polling Society  poll of “likely primary voters” shows Cruz at 29%, Trump at 28% and Rubio with 25%.  For reasons Red will never fathom, Rubio has the highest favorability rating among Texas GOP voters at 64% with only 29% viewing the Florida senator unfavorably.  Cruz trails with 56% to 41% favorable/unfavorable ratio.  Trump brings up the rear among the frontrunners with a 45% to 50% favorable/unfavorable deficit.

If Cruz cannot carry Texas by a fairly wide margin, it’s time for the Junior Senator to hang up the “argument boots” and go back to doing the job that he was elected to do and apparently hates so much.   The only losers will be his colleagues in the Senate – not one of whom has seen fit to endorse the Tea Party firebrand .