Ten Things Donald Trump Could Say and Not Lose Support from the Tea Party Wing

1. Slavery, really not so bad.  We should consider giving it another chance.

2. Defeating Hitler.  Bad idea from the Democrats.  Cost a lot of lives for nothing. I would have voted against that.

3. Executing innocent people.  It happens.  Maybe we need to execute more innocent people to make this country great again.  Only I can make that happen.

4. Wait for it folks.  January 21, 2017, I will be declared your new dictator-for-life.  Trust me, it’s gonna be great.

5. Last night I offed a homeless illegal immigrant.  Took out my Glock and I blew his f&#king head off. Didn’t even have to get out of the limo.  That’s one down, 11,999,999 to go.

6. Can you believe those morons that paid to attend Trump University?  What a bunch of pathetic losers.  They deserved to have me steal their money.

7.  I wear ladies underwear – bra and panties.

8.  If you lost a son or daughter in Iraq, well sorry.  My boys were too busy killing big game in Africa to fool with fighting in a war.  That’s what smart rich kids do. And if they had, they wouldn’t have been stupid enough to die for their country.

9. I remember when Hillary was working as a prostitute.  I’d see her on the street and kept wondering who pays good money to stup that.

10. I worship Satan and let me tell you it’s  fabulous.  You can’t believe what a great guy he is.  The ladies love him.  God is so jealous.


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