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Individual 1 Speaks – Red Translates

Individual 1 aka Trumph – the Insult Comic President is pulling our troops out of Syria against the advice of – well, everyone except Vlad Putin and Tayyip Erdogan.  This will leave our Kurdish allies who have really carried the fight against ISIS in Syria to the tender mercies of the Turks who consider them to be a terrorist group.  But Individual 1 desperately needs to change the news cycle for a few days so what does it matter if a whole bunch of Kurds get slaughtered.  So Red has taken the time to translate Individual 1’s thinking on the matter.  You’re welcome.

We (that means me of course) have won (remember I promised lots of winning) against ISIS. We’ve (me again) beaten them (no one believes this other than me – but you know “fake news” and all) and we’ve beaten them badly (or bigly if you prefer). We’ve taken back the land (now available for development – are you listening all you Russians needing to launder money) and now it’s time for our troops to come back home (where I can ignore them in safety and comfort). I get very saddened (it’s all about me after all and my sadness which is a great sadness of course) when I have to write letters (they stopped letting me actually write letters because I kept misspelling “deer” – or so they say) or call parents or wives or husbands of soldiers who have been killed fighting for our country (really me again).

Republicans Have Man-Crush on Putin

We know that Trump loves him some Vlad Putin – for whatever reason that probably has nothing whatsoever to do with Putin having the goods on Trump’s Moscow escapades and ties to the Russian Mob.  But Trump’s affection towards the Russian strongman is now influencing a large segment of the American public.   Republicans are now loving themselves some Putin and increasingly falling in line with their dear leader.   Gallup reports:

A major reason for the overall rise in Putin’s favorable rating this year is Republicans’ more positive views of the Russian leader, from 12% in 2015 to 32% today. This comes at a time when President Donald Trump wants to improve relations with Russia, after somewhat frosty relations between the two countries during Barack Obama’s presidency. Independents’ opinions of Putin also have grown more positive in the last two years, but to a lesser extent than Republicans’. Democrats’ views have become slightly less positive, with just 10% viewing Putin favorably today.

So 32% of freedom-loving Republicans now have a favorable view of the former KGB  agent who stole Crimea, invaded Ukraine, brutally suppressed Chechnya, destroyed the free press in Russia, pocketed billions for himself and cronies, jailed dissidents and opponents, murdered countless other opponents, ordered more slaughter in Syria, propped other dictators and interfered in our latest election.  What’s not to like?

Putin has the Crimea and part of the Eastern Ukraine. But Texas?

Politico reports that delusional Texas secessionists are getting some traction in Putin’s ever increasingly crazed Russia.  Apparently, Putin’s Thugocracy is dedicated to fueling secessionist movements across the globe in the hopes of legitimizing their theft of Crimea and attempted theft of the Eastern Ukraine.  Of course this only adds fuel to fire of the lunatic fringe here in the Lone Star State.

Nathan Smith, who styles himself the “foreign minister” for the Texas Nationalist Movement, appeared last Spring at a far-right confab in St. Petersburg, Russia. Despite roaming around in his cowboy hat, Smith managed to keep a low-key presence at the conference, which was dominated by fascists and neo-Nazis railing against Western decadence. But at least one Russian newspaper, Vzglyad caught up with the American, noted that TNM is “hardly a marginal group,”and quoted Smith liberally on the excellent prospects for a partial breakup of the United States. Smith declared that the Texas National Movement has 250,000 supporters—including all the Texans currently serving in the U.S. Army—and they all “identify themselves first and foremost as Texans” but are being forced to remain Americans.  The United States, he added, “is not a democracy, but a dictatorship.”

It may not be treason, but it sure is stupid.  Please right-wing nut jobs, show your true colors – jump in bed with Putin.  Jump in now.