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Today in Texas History – March 24

From the Annals of Coahuila y Tejas – In 1825, the Mexican Congreso General  passed the State Colonization Law of March 24, 1825. The act was intended to foster migration (particularly from the United States) to the largely uninhabited  parts of the state of  Coahuila y Tejas.  The act had provisions that attracted land-hungry Anglo settlers.   They  could obtain a square league (approx. 4430 acres) of range land and a labor (177 acres) of farmland for a small price.  The act also provided tax relief for a period of time.  Immigrants had to swear allegiance to the federal and state constitutions, adopt the Catholic faith and display sound moral principles and good conduct.  Person who accepted the terms would be naturalized as Mexican citizens.  It was under this act that  Empresarios Stephen F. Austin, Green DeWitt and others began Anglo colonization of Texas.