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The Enemy of the American People (cont.) – Let’s Add to the List

Why stop at the mainstream media (with the notable exception of Fox & Friends)?  Surely there are lots more enemies of the American people lurking out there.  Red will help Trump out on this one.  Here is Red’s list of at least 100 more EOTAP’s that must be rooted out and villified.

  1.  Democrats
  2. Independents who voted for Hillary
  3. The Undecided
  4. Union Members
  5. Artists
  6. Musicians
  7. Hollywood
  8. Jews
  9. Muslims
  10. Mormons
  11. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)
  12. Lindsay Graham
  13. John McCain
  14. Canadians
  15. Mexicans
  16. Illegal Aliens
  17. The EU
  18. FIFA
  19. Environmentalists
  20. Any Court or Judge that rules against Trump
  21. Trial Lawyers
  22. PETA
  23. Greenpeace
  24. The Sierra Club
  25. The Wilderness Society
  26. University Professors
  27. The NEA
  28. NPR
  29. PBS
  30. John Kasich
  31. The CIA
  32. The FBI
  33. State Department Foreign Service Officers
  34. The Black Panthers
  35. Scientists
  36. Amnesty International
  37. Planned Parenthood
  38. NARAL
  39. Keith Olbermann
  40. Greg Popovitch
  41. Colin Kaepernick
  42. Librarians
  43. Coretta Scott King
  44. The ACLU
  45. The Green Party
  46. Morning Joe
  47. The Gallup Poll
  48. Real Clear Politics
  49. The Clinton Foundation
  50. Warren Buffet
  51. Anyone who sues Trump
  52. John Oliver
  53. Saturday Night Live
  54. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  55. Fastcheck
  56. Politifact
  57. Snopes
  58. Foreignors
  59. Four Members of the Supreme Court
  60. California
  61. Charles Sykes
  62. Lesbians
  63. Gay Men
  64. Bisexuals
  65. The Transgendered
  66. The Questioning
  67. U2
  68. Peaceniks
  69. Pacifists
  70. Quakers
  71. Commies
  72. Socialists
  73. Lady Gaga
  74. Leakers
  75. Progressive Christians
  76. The Salvation Army
  77. Liberal Arts Colleges
  78. African-Americans
  79. Deadheads
  80. Dope smokers
  81. Nordstrom
  82. Abortion Providers
  83. Planned Parenthood
  84. The National Park Service
  85. Alternative Energy Providers
  86. Punk Rockers
  87. Climatologists
  88. Flag Burners
  89. Criminal Defense Lawyers
  90. The Poor
  91. Welfare Queens
  92. Vegetarians
  93. Vegans
  94. Birkenstock Wearers
  95. Old Hippies
  96. Arab-Americans
  97. Native Americans
  98. The NAACP
  99. Red from Texas
  100. And maybe you!

Notably missing from the list of Enemies of the American People are Vladimir Putin and his Russian Kleptocracy because wouldn’t it be great if we got along with a brutal dictator, murderer and his gang of criminals.

Trump Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast

Thank you for having me here this morning.  It’s great to be here with all these religious leaders – of course, it’s even greater for you to be here with me.  This gathering is a testament to the great customs of our nation and I will be with you here until they carry me out in a box or I am ridden out of town on a rail.

Thanks for the words from Senate Chaplain.  Is that an appointed position?  Screw the Senate, you’re reappointed for another year or until you say something I don’t like.

So instead of talking about important issues, let’s talk about me.  How about the great introduction from Mark Burnett – producer of my incredible show The Apprentice – which was the greatest and most-watched show in TV history until I had to leave to run for President and it went down the shithole when that moron Arnold took over.   Let’s all pray for that pathetic Austrian son of a bitch.

And here’s Mike Pence – my vice-president.  He was a total nobody until I picked him.  He would have shoveling shit back in Indiana but for me – remember that Mikey.

You know I was raised in a churching home.  We went all the time.  I figured I am good for the rest of my life so that’s why you won’t see me in your churches any time soon.  Nowadays, I prefer to worship at the Temple of the First Fairway.

Okay, here at the Prayer Breakfast let’s talk about war.  We are going to kick the everloving shit out of ISIS – just like Jesus would want.   And I will be there for every family who has to sacrifice a son, daughter, father or mother in any wars that I start to deflect attention from my otherwise utter incompetence.  I will be there for you – unless you criticize me like those Khan shitheads – and then I will bring the wrath of God down upon you – or at least a bunch of Trump loyalist goons.

Finally, the Johnson amendment – you know the one that keeps preachers from talking politics on the pulpit.  I’m getting rid of that.  And when I do, every last one of you better endorse me.  First Amendment be damned.  Be goddamned in fact.

It’s been great being here.  God bless America, but more importantly God bless Trump.


The Texas Flag Pledge

Don Munsch of the Killeen Daily Herald wonders about the increasing use of the Pledge to the Texas Flag at official meetings and in courtrooms across the State.  The pledge itself reads:

Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.

Putting aside the somewhat redundant nature of the language (Texas being one state and also one and indivisible), and the possible First Amendment violation involved in requiring anyone to pledge that Texas is a state under God, the once obscure pledge is now in common use by certain governmental bodies in addition to the Pledge of Allegiance – which Munsch points out necessarily includes Texas by reference to the fifty-starred flag.

The Herald asked city and school officials about the practice.

“The best answer we can offer as to why we do it is that it is simply a show of respect to our state’s flag,” said Kevin Keller, public information officer for the city of Copperas Cove.

In a statement from the Killeen Independent School District, district spokesman Shannon Rideout said the KISD school board follows the policies written in the Texas Education Code, which states that school boards of each district should require students to recite pledges to both flags — American and Texas — in accordance with applicable government code.

The board just abides by the standards set in the code, by which students are held to, as well.

“I moved from Georgia to Harker Heights in January of 2004 and the pledge to the Texas flag was something being done at that time,” said Harker Heights City Manager David Mitchell. “As far as when that started, I could not tell you. I asked around the office and no one can remember when the city began to include the pledge to the Texas flag.”