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Today in Texas History – August 14

From the Annals of Print Journalism –  In 1819, Eli Harris published the first edition of the Texas Republican  in Nacogdoches.  The paper is believed to be the earliest newspaper published in Texas for which records exist in contemporary St. Louis and New Orleans papers. It is unknown how many issues of the Republican were printed.  It was short-lived as  sources indicate that the Texas Republican  had discontinued publication by September 1819.

Today in Texas History – July 9

From the Annals of the Missions –  In 1716,  Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de los Nacogdoches Mission was founded by the Domingo Ramon expedition in a village of the Nacogdoches Indians.  The well-traveled Father Antonio Margil de Jesus was placed in charge of the mission. The mission was abandoned temporarily in 1719 because of a French invasion of Texas, but it was the first Zacatecan mission to be restored when the Spanish reasserted control two years later. The mission was deemed a failure as the Nacogdoches tribe resisted conversion to Catholicism.  In 1773, it was permanently abandoned after the cession of Louisiana to Spain by the French.