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A Salute to Our Veterans

Red salutes our brave men and women who have served this country in times of peace and war.  But mostly war.  Because that is what we voted for on Tuesday and Red supports the will of the American people.  As Donald Trump said,  “I’m really good at war, I love war, in a certain way.”     We voted for war, so bring it  on, baby.   Let’s get to warring.

Red thinks Iran is good first step.  We need to bomb the ever-loving shit out of those bastards.  As DT said about his love of war  “—including with nukes. Yes, including with nukes.”   What are we sitting on all these dang nuclear bombs for if we aint gonna use them?  Probably only need a dozen or so to turn most of Iran into glass, rubble and vaporized body parts.  Red can smell the burning flesh from here and its only just a little bit sickly sweet.  But that’s just a good start.

Next step ISIS and Mosul.  Red says put about 50,000 troops on the ground,  kick their asses back to the Stone Age, take the oil and their Korans and let someone else worry about the rest of the mess.

So let’s make some more veterans and give them a chance to fight in a Donald Trump war – it will be a beautiful war with lots of winning.  In fact, you’ll get sick of winning and lose a battle or two just to break up the monotony of victory.

Veteran’s Day

Thank a veteran for their service to our country today.  We may not always agree with the causes in which they have been engaged to serve their country, but that can never detract from the sacrifice that many have made.

Red’s grandfather (whom he never met) fought in World War I in France and his Dad fought in World War II in France, Belgium and Germany. Dad never said much about his service – only that he was an ambulance driver and that he kept a rifle in the ambulance even though he wasn’t supposed to.  “I wasn’t about to be the only soldier in Europe without a weapon”, as he put it.  When Red looked at some of his letters from the war, it became clear that he had served much of the time in a Battalion Aid Station.  That is a unit that operates just behind the front lines and is the first place that wounded and dying soldiers are taken.  So he probably was transporting wounded soldiers from the front to medical units.  Red cannot even imagine the suffering and death that his Dad witnessed first hand at an age when all Red was thinking about was drinking, smoking, partying and trying to get a date (in between studying and going to class).  Dad may have even had a tremendous sense of guilt for having come through the war “without as much as a scratch thanks to the Nazis” as he put it.   Only much too late, Red realized that he had to forgive his Dad for being somewhat emotionally withdrawn and extremely cautious for the rest of his all too short life.

So Dad, thanks for your service and Red, for one, will never forget what you endured for your country, friends and family.