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Quote for the Day

“When it comes to how we should deal with evil doers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil. In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.”

Robert Jeffress, Trump Supporter, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Confidant of God.

Red for one  is glad that Jeffress is here to tell us what God thinks.  We would be lost without his intercession and misconstruing all that wimpy stuff Jesus said about forgiveness, turning the other cheek and making friends of your enemies.   And since he also knows that God placed Trump in the White House, it is unsurprising that RJ has now established a holy hot line with the almighty to help Trump justify whatever it is he wants to do – Constitution be damned.  So when Trump decides to nuke the hell out of millions of North Koreans, take solace that God is smiling and approving because he wanted Trump to condemn those men, women and children to burn in the lake of blessed nuclear fire.


A Salute to Our Veterans

Red salutes our brave men and women who have served this country in times of peace and war.  But mostly war.  Because that is what we voted for on Tuesday and Red supports the will of the American people.  As Donald Trump said,  “I’m really good at war, I love war, in a certain way.”     We voted for war, so bring it  on, baby.   Let’s get to warring.

Red thinks Iran is good first step.  We need to bomb the ever-loving shit out of those bastards.  As DT said about his love of war  “—including with nukes. Yes, including with nukes.”   What are we sitting on all these dang nuclear bombs for if we aint gonna use them?  Probably only need a dozen or so to turn most of Iran into glass, rubble and vaporized body parts.  Red can smell the burning flesh from here and its only just a little bit sickly sweet.  But that’s just a good start.

Next step ISIS and Mosul.  Red says put about 50,000 troops on the ground,  kick their asses back to the Stone Age, take the oil and their Korans and let someone else worry about the rest of the mess.

So let’s make some more veterans and give them a chance to fight in a Donald Trump war – it will be a beautiful war with lots of winning.  In fact, you’ll get sick of winning and lose a battle or two just to break up the monotony of victory.

Sid Miller Formulates Foreign Policy

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is wandering far afield during his current junket to China.  Miller is supposed to be promoting Texas agricultural products, but took time out to share the following post on Facebook.

Sid Miller's Sunday night Facebook post.

So we now have an Agriculture Commissioner who is in favor of nuclear war with the “Muslim World.”  That’s over one billion people at last count.  That’s a lot of bombs.  Sid, when we want your opinion on foreign policy matters, we will ask for it.  Don’t hold your breath.