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Today in Texas History – October 25

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From the Annals of World Series – In 2005, the first World Series game ever to be played in Texas started.  The Houston Astros played the Chicago White Sox at Minute Maid Field losing 7-5 in 14 innings.  The game was also the longest in World Series history lasting 5 hours and 41 minutes and actually ended on October 26.   The long game produced many all-time World Series records.  The teams combined to use 17 pitchers (9 White Sox and 8 Astros), throwing a total of 482 pitches, and walking 21 batters (12 by the WS, 9 by the Stros); 43 players were used (the White Sox used 22 and the Astros used 21), and 30 men were left on base (15 for each team). Scott Podsednik set an all-time record with eight at-bats in the game.

The Series itself was remarkable as the teams had combined for 132 years of championship frustration.  The Astros had not won in their 44 year history and the Pale Hose last championship had been in 1917.  The White Sox would go on to sweep the Astros in 4 games and break their long drought.

Murder at the World Series

In honor of the Fall Classic, Red will be posting something about  the World Series every day.  Today’s entry comes from a particularly odiferous made for TV movie called “Murder at the World Series.”  Red remembers watching this with a group of friends back in 1977 mainly because it featured scenes shot in Houston in and around the beloved Astrodome.

Other than that, MATWS has little to offer.  The basic plot is that an aspiring but psychopathic baseball player tries out for the Houston Astros and is rejected.  He tries to get revenge by undertaking a series of kidnappings and plotting to bomb a World Series game at the Astrodome.  His plans go awry when he sort of falls for one of his kidnapping victims.  He intends to let her go, but ends up killing her when a bomb planted in his van goes off.  He either gets captured or killed – Red doesn’t remember because this is some awful tripe masquerading as actual entertainment.  The MFTVM is notable in featuring Joachim “Where’s My Head” Andujar as the starting pitcher for the Astros and the late great Bob Allen as a sportscaster.  Red can’t imagine that this is ever showed anywhere, but if perchance it is, the only reason to watch is to see what the Astrodome looked like in its glory days – including the movie credits being displayed on the big light board in centerfield.

And finally, as Red’s old buddy Scooter said at the conclusion, “You know it had to be fiction because the Astros won the World Series.”


Did Michael Lee Call the 2016 World Series for the Cubs – in 1993?

There is a heated debate swinging about whether Michael Lee – Mission Viejo High School Class of 1993 called the Cubs as the winner of the 2016 World Series as part of his yearbook photo tag 23 years ago.  Internet sleuths are trying to verify whether this is real or a hoax.

Frankly, Red doesn’t see it as a big deal.  Good for Michael Lee if this is his 15 minutes of fame.  And if it is a hoax, it’s a pretty good one.

The real story would be if Lee put down some serious cash with a London bookmaker on the Cubs winning the Fall Classic 23 years in advance.


Today in Texas History – October 25

From the Annals of the Fall Classic –  In 2005, the Houston Astros faced the Chicago White Sox  in the first World Series game ever to be held in Texas. The game was also notable for being the longest in World Series history at 5 hours and 41 minutes and actually ended the next day on October 26th.  Many other records were set or tied in this marathon. The teams combined to use 17 pitchers (nine for the White Sox, eight for the Astros), throwing a total of 482 pitches, and walking 21 batters (a dozen by Chicago, nine by Houston); 43 players were used (the White Sox used 22 and the Astros used 21), and 30 men were left on base (15 for each team) – all of which were WS records. One tied record was total double plays, with six (four by the Astros, two by the White Sox).  Scott Podsednik set a new all-time record with eight official at-bats.

The Pale Hose defeated the Astros 7-5 on their way to a series sweep.  All four games were close with two 1-run and two 2-run wins for the Sox.  As it stands, it will be the only World Series to be played between these franchises as the Astros have since moved to the American League.