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Quote for the Day

“There has to be a complete overhaul of the organization.”

Troy Aikman on the Dallas Cowboys (and a not so discreet smack down of Jerry Jones) a team that has won exactly two playoff games in the last 20 years, but equally applicable to the current state of the party formerly known as the GOP.

As Red has mentioned, he is perfectly okay with the Cowboys winning one playoff game every decade and they already have their win for the Teens when they eked out a come from behind win over the Lions in 2014.

Today in Texas History – February 25

From the Annals of the Cowboys – In 1989, Jerry Jones, the new owner of the Dallas Cowboys, fired head coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career.   Jones made Cowboys General Manager Tex Schramm accompany him to Landry’s vacation home in Lakeway.  Schramm characterized it as, “a very difficult meeting.  It’s very, very sad.  It’s tough when you break a relationship you’ve had for 29 years.”  Schramm stood solemnly and red-eyed at a news conference where JJ announced the firing of Landry later that evening at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters. Landry’s recent results had been well below his standards with the Cowboys failing to make the playoffs in 4 of his last 5 seasons.  Landry had indicated that he wanted to coach into the 90’s if he wasn’t fired. Jones for his part wasted no time in kicking Landry to the curb having only finalized his purchase of the iconic franchise two days before firing Landry.  Jones was adamant that he would not have bought the team unless he could bring his long-time friend and former University of Miami coach Jimmy Johnson on to lead the Cowboys.  Landry ended his coaching  career as the third-winningest coach in NFL history behind only George Halas and Don Shula, with a record of 270-178-6.  He ranks only behind Bill Bellicheat with 5 trips to the SuperBowl as a head coach.

For his part, Red had already given up his 27 year fanship of the Cowboys during the strike year of 1987 when Cowboys quarterback Danny White led the movement to break the players union and Dallas fans thumbed their noses at the players they formerly idolized.


The NFL Network created a hashtag – #AskJerryJones – seeking to solicit questions for the publicity hound Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager.  What could possibly go wrong with that?  It turns out, just about everything.  Find out for yourself at #askjerryjones.   Red’s personal favorite –

Mike Gessner @calbears96 Nov 25

if you could go back in time and murder baby Hitler, would you do it or sign him as a defensive back?

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#1 Cat Step-dad™ @moleloco Nov 25

Which prisons do you plan on visiting in the off-season looking for new players?