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Rick’s Legacy of Failure in Healthcare

Thanks largely to flailing presidential candidate and former governor Rick Perry, Texas has the worst healthcare record in the entire nation.  The Dallas Observer reports that Texas is the only state that still has more than 20% of its population without healthcare coverage and ranks only ahead of Oklahoma and Louisiana in the quality of healthcare provided to its citizens.  All so Rick could score points in his futile attempt to grab the presidency and presumably work to ruin the healthcare system of the rest of the nation.

The state comes in third to last in the overall ranking, ahead of only Louisiana and Oklahoma, which is the rough equivalent of beating a couple of asthmatic 4-year-olds in a foot race. Similarly, Texas falls significantly below the national average in such categories as patient safety, healthy living, HIV/AIDS, nursing homes, etc. Not only that, in many cases it has fallen further below the national average than it was in the past, which either means that care has gotten worse (unlikely but possible) or that other states have gotten better faster (more probable).

So, what specifically are Texas’ biggest failures? Of the 200-odd categories, Texas fares worst in “New AIDS cases per 100,000 population age 13 and over” (489 percent below the national average); “Hospital admissions for uncontrolled diabetes without complications per 100,000 population, adults” (383 percent); and “Avoidable admissions for hypertension per 100,000 population age 18 and over” (332 percent).

Rick’s Reeling Run

Former Gov. Rick Perry’s quickly fading Presidential campaign took another hit on Monday with the departure of Sam Clovis, his Iowa campaign chairman. Clovis, a right-wing talk radio host, professor and failed U.S. Senate candidate gave warm regards to Perry, but left with the feeling that all is not right in the Perry camp.   “I feel bad for the campaign and I feel bad for Governor Perry because I think he’s a marvelous human being, he’s a great man and it was my honor to be a part of this, but it was just time to move on.”  Clovis indicated that the move to stop paying campaign staffers came as a surprise to him.  Other campaigns will likely be quick to snap up Clovis, who is considered to be one of the premier GOP political operatives in the state.

Clovis said he has been approached by “several” other campaigns since Perry stopped paying his staff earlier this month. He said he expects to be working for another candidate within days. “I’m going to go where there’s the best fit.”  Clovis considered working for  Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump, before signing up with Perry.  Look for Clovis to settle in with either Cruz or Trump.

A Perilous Situation for Perry Probably Means Less Perry

Multiple sources are indicating that Rick Perry’s flagging presidential campaign may not make it past the quarter pole.  On the day after missing the first GOP presidential debate, Perry campaign manager Jeff Miller told staff that they would no longer be paid.  Despite the lack of income many workers are staying with the campaign for the time being.  How long Perry can hang on without some improvement in the polls is questionable.

“Money is extremely tight,” admitted Katon Dawson, Perry’s South Carolina campaign chairman. “We all moved to volunteer status. Our team is working as hard as it was last week.”   Perry’s supposedly independent super PAC still has money in the bank, but the campaign itself is essentially broke.  Perry aides vowed that they will continue raising money to compete in the early 2016 contests, but expenditures are down to transportation, hotels and meals for Perry and his travelling staff. Perry is planning to campaign in South Carolina on Thursday and to visit Iowa next week.

IRHO, it couldn’t happen to a less qualified, superbly coifed, more self-aggrandizing, empty suit, pompous bag of wind than Rick Perry – unless of course it were Donald Trump.


Cruz, JEB!!!!$$$$$?, Paul In – Perry Out

Three of the four GOP presidential candidates with ties to Texas made the cut for Fox News first national debate on Thursday.  Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas), JEB!!!!$$$$$?, and Sen. Rand Paul (TP – Curly Top) are in but former Governor Rick Perry is on the outside looking in.  Perry who, to his credit, has relentlessly attacked Donald Trump as a sideshow act, tried to make the best of his situation claiming that “One debate won’t make or break a candidate.”  Perry seems to have forgotten that one debate and one moment in one debate (“Oops”) broke his candidacy in 2012.  But in reality, Perry is getting more press out of missing the Fox debate than he likely could have generated from a scintillating performance – and how likely was that?

Rick Right-Wing Record

A recent column by Ted B. Lyon, Jr. in the Dallas Morning News attempts to set the record straight on Rick Perry’s record as Governor of Texas.  Lyon’s ire was raised by a recent Jay Ambrose column that as Lyon put it did  “everything but give Perry credit for talking Sam Houston into attacking at San Jacinto.”

Let’s compare what was written with some facts.

Crediting Perry for holding schools accountable or that he urged affordable college education is misguided at best. Texas parents sure know better.

Perry was so hostile to public schools that over 600 districts — in rural counties as well as urban and suburban neighborhoods — sued him for failing to meet the minimum standard of support required by our state constitution. Exhibit A is the $5.4 billion education cut Perry signed into law. It’s the first time in over two decades that state leaders failed to fully fund Texas’ rapid enrollment growth.

Forget that Perry might have urged making college more affordable. Look instead at what he signed off on: deregulation of college tuition that has been devastating to families with college-aged kids. On Perry’s watch, the cost to send a young man or woman to college in Texas shot up by over 50 percent.

As far as jobs go, the one Perry protected best was his own, and he made sure he got paid pretty well, too. Turns out that Perry was not only earning a full-time salary as governor, he also was double-dipping by taking a state retirement pension. While a lot of new jobs were created in Texas, most of them were due to Texans’ willingness to work more for less pay than people in other states, making it harder to support a family.

Perry actually turned down the biggest new jobs opportunity — health care expansion. Nonpartisan studies show that expanding health care in Texas would create over a quarter-million new jobs and pump billions into the Texas economy. Republican governors all over the country put their personal politics aside to realize this benefit for their states. Perry didn’t have the insight, political courage or plain old common sense to do the right thing for Texas.

Perry backers like to throw around buzzwords like deregulation and trivial lawsuits. That may be music to the ears of insurance executives and nursing home owners, but what has it really meant for Texans? Well, under Perry, Texans have been forced to pay the third-highest home insurance rates in the country. If an elderly parent or disabled loved one dies from abuse in a nursing home, Perry has tied the hands of judges and juries. He’s capped the value of a loved one’s life or disabling damage suffered to $250,000 — less than Perry took home in salary and pension every two years.

There’s no problem with Rick Perry letting everyone know that Texas is the greatest state in the greatest nation in the world. I absolutely agree with him. I also know, along with others who are paying attention, that Texas is a great state despite Rick Perry and not because of him.

Ted Cruz – Not Ready for Primetime

Former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn assesses the GOP presidential field and does not appear to be overly impressed with either of the favorite sons from Texas.   ThinkProgress has the full report.

Rick Perry: “Good guy. I don’t think he’s capable at that level.”

Ted Cruz: “Not ready for primetime.”

Today in Texas History – June 8

From the Annals of Arson –  In 2008, the historic 1856 Governor’s Mansion was set ablaze by a Molotov cocktail thrown on the front porch.  Fortunately, most of the historic paintings and furniture had been removed to complete a major renovation of the historic residence. Gov. Rick Perry and his wife Anita were living in another mansion at taxpayer expense during the renovation.  The fire gutted the home.

A special commission investigated set up to investigate uncovered several security flaws. Among them, the DPS found seven security cameras not working. Some DPS staff were also not adequately trained, and at least one DPS officer not at his post. For some unknown reason, it took almost 3 years for the DPS to release surveillance video showing the arsonist throwing the fire bomb into the mansion. The video shows a shadowy figure running to the front doors, lighting a Molotov cocktail, and running away.  But to this day, the crime remains unsolved.

There is a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.  You can call Texas Crimestoppers at (800) 252-TIPS (8477) or the state fire marshal’s arson hotline at (988) 252-8477 if you think you have information that might solve this mystery.

More Piling on the “Texas Miracle”

Now that Rick Perry has joined the already crowded GOP Presidential candidate field, look for even more examination of the so-called “Texas Miracle.”  Paul Krugman is the latest to jump on the bandwagon bashing Perry’s claim to have led the Texas economy to great things through low taxes and lax regulation.  Krugman concludes, “that tax cuts are a universal elixir that cures all economic ills is the ultimate zombie idea — one that should have died long ago in the face of the facts, but just keeps shambling along.”  And while he is at it, Krugman throws Kansas under the bus too.

The states, Louis Brandeis famously declared, are the laboratories of democracy. In fact, Mr. Brownback himself described his plan as an “experiment” that would demonstrate the truth of his economic doctrine. What it actually did, however, was demonstrate the opposite — and much the same message is coming from other laboratories, from the stumble in Texas to the comeback in California…

Nothing that has happened in the past quartercentury has supported tax-cut mania, yet the doctrine’s hold on the Republican Party is stronger than ever. It would be foolish to expect recent events to make much difference.

Still, the spectacle of the Texas economy coming back to earth, and Kansas sliding over the edge should at the very least make right-wing bombast ring hollow, in the general election if not in the primary. And someday, maybe, even conservatives will once again become willing to look at the facts.

If at First You Don’t Succeed – Waste Some More Time and Money

Rick Perry announced his candidacy for President today.  Just what we needed – another Presidential candidate with Texas roots.  The Wall Street Journal, Red’s favorite source on all things Rick Perry, speculates on his chances.

He faces a sizable challenge to separate himself from what looks to be a crowded field of GOP contenders in 2016—and overcome the impression he left with national voters during his initial campaign for president, when he raised a large war chest and briefly led the field before suffering a memory lapse in a debate in which he forgot one of the three federal agencies he proposed to eliminate.

Mr. Perry also faces a pending felony indictment related to a veto he issued as governor. He has denied wrongdoing, calling the prosecution a witch hunt by political opponents, and has filed a motion to dismiss the indictment that is pending before an Austin appellate court.

Mr. Perry has played down the headwinds he faces and emphasized the attributes he believes will help distinguish him in a crowded Republican field, including his military background (Sen. Lindsey Graham is the only other current candidate in the GOP field with a military record) and his long tenure as chief executive of a large state.

“I led the world’s 12th largest economy,” he said Thursday. “The question of every candidate will be this: When have you led?

Red never thought he would say it, but Greg Abbott is making him miss Rick Perry.

Rick Perry’s “Texas Miracle” Coming Under More Fire

The Wall Street Journal seems fixated on debunking Rick Perry’s claim to have led the state through the Texas Miracle.  As Red has repeatedly pointed out, when big oil is up, Texas is up and vice versa.  We would all like to take credit for a robust economy, but sometimes it’s just location, location, location.  Still one has to wonder if the WSJ’s continually bagging on Perry’s signature accomplishment signals a tough road ahead for the former Governor.  And of course, the WSJ has to slip in the inconvenient fact that Perry remains under indictment.

As Mr. Perry prepares to announce an anticipated second run for president on Thursday, the “Texas Miracle” is looking less impressive amid falling oil prices that have led to thousands of job cuts in his home state. That has created an opening for challengers to say Mr. Perry’s jobs record was attributable more to good timing—namely the hydraulic-fracturing oil-and-gas boom—than to the business-friendly mix of low tax rates and light regulations that he has frequently cited.

Texas lost more than 25,000 jobs in March according to state figures, its first monthly net decline in more than four years, after adding nearly 458,000 jobs in 2014, more than any other state. It bounced back in April but still only added 1,200 new jobs, far below other large states.