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You could knock Red over with an AK-47

Current polling indicates that the Lone Star State is in play for November.  As reported by the Dallas Morning News – not exactly a bastion of left-wing reporting – Trumph – the Insult Comic President and Joe Biden are in a statistical deadheat.

A new Dallas Morning News/University of Texas at Tyler poll shows that Trump and Biden are backed by 43% of poll respondents, with 5% opting for “other” candidates and only 9% undecided. Trump’s overall approval rating was 45%.

Red really will have to engage in some willing suspension of disbelief before he buys into the notion that Uncle Joe has a chance to carry Texas.  But if that well-below 50% approval rating holds, Trump’s reality TV show joke of a Presidency is in serious trouble.  If this polling is accurate and holds through the summer, then Trump absolutely must  divert some of his massive campaign war chest to Texas – a state he must win to prevail in 2020.  The result will be less time and resources to devote to the other “Battleground States” that are also critical to Trump being able to stay in office and out of the pokey.

Meanwhile on the subject of tolerance and understanding

A billboard on Interstate 40 in Texas tells liberals to to keep driving until they leave the state.

An undisclosed client hired Burkett Outdoor Advertising to put up a billboard in the Panhandle advising “liberals” to leave Texas.  According to the latest polling in statewide races, that would require as much as 40% of the state to “get the Hell out of [insert city name here]” as the liberal Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is currently polling around that number.  If you look at Trump’s disapproval rating, then maybe as many as 47% of Texans would have to make like horseshit and hit the trail as that is the percentage that strongly (40%) or somewhat (7%) disapprove of Trumpf – the Insult Comic President.  Red is just guessing, that might hurt the Texas economy just a bit – but it would leave a lot of room for immigrants (or worse Californians) to move in.  That is called “unintended consequences.”

More Bad News for Cruz

The bad polling results in his home state keep piling up for Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas).  A SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFAA-TV in Dallas released on Wednesday shows Cruz and Donald Trump tied at 32% among likely and actual GOP primary voters.  The poll was taken after the South Carolina primary but before the results of the Nevada caucuses were known.  Cruz continues to poll well with self-described “very conservative” voters but is a walking disaster with moderates – getting on 18% support from that group.

In a very sick way, Red would like to see Cruz nominated because he believes that the Tea Party firebrand would go down in flames in a general election and likely never be heard from again as a serious candidate for president.  But even a remote chance of a Cruz victory is much too dangerous for this country.  However, if Cruz loses this go round, we undoubtedly have not heard the last from him.  That is, unless somehow Texas miraculously wakes up and boots him out of the Senate in 2018.  Not holding Red’s breath.