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Big John, Big Bad John Looking Vulnerable

Sen. John Cornyn (TP-Texas) is not the most likeable guy under normal circumstances.  He has largely benefited from have the “R” next to his name on the ballot and being tall, distinguished looking and silver-haired.  Red is hard pressed to point to any real accomplishments of the senior senator that have actually helped any average Texans.  All of this seems to be catching up with Big John as the nation spirals into recession and pandemic and he steadfastly stands by the primary agent of doom (that would be Trump for those of you not paying attention).   Current polling has him underwater on job approval.   The poll from the University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll shows Big John as being vulnerable less than four months out from election day.  His less than stellar approval rating and the Trump effect could pull him down.  In short, there is a chance – maybe a small one – that Cornyn will be the former senator from Texas come January.  That would be a glorious day.

Cornyn Giving New Meaning to the Term Toadie

Sen. John Cornyn’s utter spinelessness in the face of another Trumpian stunt was on full display today.  Cornyn defended the use of tear gas and truncheons to clear the peaceful protesters in front of the White House yesterday so that Donald “Bunker Boy” Trump could have his photo op with “a Bible” in front of a church whose priest and bishop later denounced his actions.

Claiming that it was “for security purposes” Cornyn argued that BBT had the right to order tear gassing and forcible removal of protesters.  Cornyn claims that the protesters were asked to clear “but refused to do so.”   Notably, the 7 pm curfew was to kick in just a few minutes after Bunker Boy unleashed his shock troops on American citizens exercising their right to peaceably assemble.  But Trump is too important to wait a couple of minutes.

Cornyn then played the ultimate Trump card – going after the press.  According to Cornyn, the media is “never going to find any good or any positive development in anything.”  Well  Sen. Cornyn (Scumbag – TX), Red is looking hard to find the positive in using violent methods against peaceful protesters so that Bunker Boy can try to shed his cowardly image by walking across the street under an absurd amount of security to waive “a Bible” in front of the cameras.  A Bible that he probably could not quote a single word from and surely has never read unless forced to.

It is painfully obvious that Bunker Boy prefers groveling bootlicks and Cornyn is willing to lick long and hard.  How is the taste of leather John?   Please vote this embarrassment out of office in November.

Cornyn Speaks – Red Translates

Sen. John Cornyn (Trumpian -Texas) gave his explanation for voting against a War Powers Resolution seeking to limit the ability of Trumph – the Insult Comic President –  to use authorization from 2001 to start a war with Iran.  The measure passed in the House and Senate, but Trump has vowed to veto it.

What I read this resolution (worthless piece of paper) to do is to try to tie the president’s hands (Lord knows we can’t keep him from grabbing Iran  – or anything else for that matter – by the pussy because he’s a star).  We’ve (me and the other spineless Trump sycophants) all seen enough of how Congress operates (money talks, bullshit walks) to say that Congress (meaning those despicable Democrats) doesn’t operate with the necessary efficiency (unless motivated by fraud, graft and corruption) to deal with a national security crisis (either real or made up to enhance Trump’s re-election chances) particularly involved in self-defense (or more importantly something that might affect my re-election).

Jade Helm Russian Hoax Fools Our Poor Idiot Governor

Almost every day Red wonders – is Our Poor Idiot Governor really the pathetic and pitiable idiot constantly pandering to the GOP’s basest denizens that he appears to be?  The answer turns out to be yes.

Long time readers will remember the public freakout over the routine military exercise dubbed Jade Helm 15 that was displayed by such apparently all-too-easily fooled notables of the Texas GOP establishment such as OPIG, Lyin’ Ted Cruz,  the moronic Louie “Kablooie” Gohmert and the always disappointing John “Pandermaster” Cornyn.  At the urging of them and a host of fanatic right wingers convinced that jackbooted federal troops under the command of that Muslim Kenyan terrorist (who somehow managed to win the presidency in a landslide) were coming to Texas to take away their women, children and most importantly guns, OPIG called out the Texas National Guard to keep an eye on our heretofore most worshipful military.  Well, it turns out that much of the Jade Helm hype was the work of – wait for it – Russian trolls and bots.  So yes, OPIG is just that – a pitiful excuse for a state leader. The Texas Observer has the full story.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s willingness to pander to the manic extremism broadcast through AM radio airwaves and streamed on the margins of YouTube apparently has him playing right into the hands of Russian disinformation campaigns.

At least that’s what former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden said on a “Morning Joe” podcast about the governor’s decision in 2015 to deploy the Texas State Guard to monitor federal troops.  Hayden said, “There was an exercise in Texas called Jade Helm 15 that Russian bots in the American alt-right media convinced most — many — Texans was an Obama plan to round up political dissidents.”

Abbott fell right into the trap, Hayden said, by legitimizing conspiracy theories with official state action. “At that point, I’m figuring the Russians are saying, ‘We can go big time,’ and at that point I think they said ‘We’re going to play in the electoral process.’”

If Hayden’s report is right, then the governor of Texas was fooled into siccing the Texas State Guard on U.S. troops by Russia.

Quote for the Day

“I can’t imagine a more transparent and open process than put it on the internet, invite people’s comments and discussion, and then have an open amendment process following debate, and then vote.”

Sen. John Cornyn (TP-Texas).

Senator – How about the process where you don’t negotiate a bill in secret closed-door meetings excluding opposition members and even most members of your party, and where you actually hold committee hearings, get input from experts and the public on both sides, have an open debate and not keep it under wraps until days before a supposed vote? How about that process – would that be more transparent and open?

John Cornyn States the Obvious

In an interview with KERA – Dallas, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) unloaded on Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) as a political opportunist.

“We’ve had our differences on tactics or how to accomplish those goals. Part of it [is] from the fact that I’ve been here a while and I’m part of the elected Republican leadership. My goal has always been to figure out how we can advance the conservative cause. I think he’s taken the more immediate shorter-term view of things. Clearly, he didn’t come here to remain in the Senate. He came here to run for president. I think that perhaps explains the difference in tactics.”

So the good folks of Texas voted for a man who had no intention of actually attempting to represent our interests in the Senate.   It’s no surprise to Red that Cruz views his current job as nothing more than a stepping stone to the greater glorification of all things Ted Cruz, but for Cornyn to essentially admit that is fairly remarkable.

All of this begs the question of what Cruz will do if he loses his bid for the presidency.  The Senate will not interest him at all, since it is by now obvious that he will not be able to accomplish anything in that august body that collectively hates him with a white hot passion.  So rather than be a meaningless if petulant back bencher, Red has a few thoughts on what our junior senator might do.

  1. Reality TV show with Sarah Palin – Ted and Sarah on the road, waving flags, shooting guns and talking crazy.
  2. Personal injury plaintiff’s lawyer.
  3. Don’t miss the “TrusTed” show at 9 pm EST on Fox News.
  4. Take over when Ed Young retires from Second Baptist – or push the old guy out if necessary.
  5. Find small third world country looking for Dictator for Life!
  6. Stay at home Dad living off Heidi’s Goldman Sachs paychecks and watching Hogan’s Heroes reruns.
  7. High school history teacher with simple message – Lincoln bad, Jeff Davis good.
  8. Multi-million dollar book deal.  Most copies remaindered for a $1.99.
  9. Actual tea party host.
  10. Or maybe Canada wants him back?


Cornyn Backing Criminal Justice Reform

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) has been fairly quiet of late – what with the junior senator from Texas sucking all the air out of the room.  But Cornyn (whom Red has taken to task in the past) is actually serious at times about his work as a senator representing not only Texas but the best interests of the nation.  Red speculates that watching Ted Cruz bloviate and bluster his way to national prominence has not set well with our silver-haired senior senator.  Cornyn appears determined to forge his own path to consolidating the considerable power he holds as the No. 2 “man” in the Senate and trying to get legislation passed – something that interests Sr. Cruz not at all.

In that light, Cornyn has taken on the considerable task of federal criminal justice reform by pushing a bill out of the Judiciary Committee that, among other things, would give federal judges more leeway in sentencing, end mandatory life sentences for three-time losers convicted of non-violent crimes, and establish programs to ease released prisoners back into society.

Cornyn faces opposition from other Republicans.  Cruz himself is opposed and as usual misrepresents what the proposed legislation would actually do.  “I don’t think what the justice system needs is additional leniency for violent criminals,” Cruz complains having apparently not bothered to actually read the bill.

For the full story on Cornyn’s efforts check out Mary Clare Jalonick of the AP.

John Cornyn Must Really Hate this Guy

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) continued his assault on Republican leadership yesterday before a nearly empty Senate chamber.  Cruz seemed desperate to vent on the GOP powers that be as part of his flagging “outsider” campaign for President.  The focus yesterday was the GOP’s failure to defund Planned Parenthood and block the Iran treaty. Cruz was practically frothing and at times, it was very hard to tell who Cruz hates more – Pres. Obama or the GOP leadership.  But that is so often the case with the professional Haters such as Cruz.  In contrast, Red thinks that it is becoming perfectly clear that Sen. John Cornyn and other stalwarts of the GOP in Congress likely hate Cruz with a white hot passion that far exceeds their loathing of Obama.  The Texas Tribune has the full story on Cruz’s latest diatribe.

In an hour-long speech on a nearly empty Senate floor that ended when he could not gain permission to continue, the state’s junior senator and presidential hopeful expanded his usual criticisms of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to include outgoing House Speaker John Boehner. Cruz also lambasted fellow Texas U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, spoke of the recent lunar eclipse and boasted of a puzzling personal role in law enforcement.

“Speaker Boehner faced a conundrum,” Cruz said of Boehner’s abrupt decision to step down. “If he does what he and McConnell promised, which is funding all of Barack Obama’s priorities, he would have lost his job.” 

“And so what did he do?” Cruz asked. “He announced he’s resigning as speaker and resigning as a member of Congress.” 

He also took aim at his colleague from Texas, Majority Whip Cornyn. Dozens of times, he questioned the integrity of “Republican leadership,” a reference that includes Cornyn in his capacity as the second-ranking Senate Republican. 

He specifically called out Cornyn, along with a handful of other senior Republican senators, for voting down a Cruz amendment targeting funding for Planned Parenthood and the Iran nuclear weapons deal via voice vote. 

In contrast, Cruz cast himself and conservative senators and House members who frequently vote with him as the only elected members performing their jobs with the will of the American public in mind.  

The speech lasted until his colleagues refused to extend his allotted time. Along the way, Cruz made several pop culture references — the Sunday night lunar eclipse, the movie “The Terminator” and the novel “Brave New World” — not an altogether unimaginable departure from his marathon 2013 speech two years ago which included a reading of “Green Eggs and Ham.” 

He also claimed the mantle of the badge: 

“I’m an alumnus of the U.S.  Department of Justice,” he said. “I was an associate deputy attorney general. I spent much of my adult life working in law enforcement.” 

Cruz served in that position for six months, according to his online LinkedIn.

Red will sleep more soundly at night now that he knows Chief Assistant Deputy Constable Trainee, Part-time Dog Catcher and Self-Proclaimed Piece Officer Ted Cruz is on the job.  Canada’s loss is our gain. And Red knows how to spell Peace, just in case you were wondering.