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Quote for the Day

“I think they’re afraid I’m going to take Alabama values to Washington, and I want to tell you, I can’t wait.”

Roy Moore, twice removed Alabama Supreme Court Justice, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate and accused pedophile.

Just what are your Alabama values Roy?  Abuse of young girls? Disregard for the Constitution?  Failing to follow the supreme law of the land because you know better? Belief that the U.S. should be a Christian theocracy?  Hatred of gays and lesbians? Denial of protected rights to Muslims?  Love of money? Worship of guns? Bolstering your manhood by waiving a pistol at a public event?

Red hopes that the good people of Alabama – and there certainly are many of those – don’t believe in your warped “Alabama Values.”

And don’t worry – Roy we are not afraid.  If you lose, those “Alabama Values” of yours are already on near full display in the White House.

Democrats Floundering in Trump Era

democrats are now 0-3 in Trump Era special elections.  Democratic candidate John Ossof wasn’t really close to winning Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.  He was handily defeated by Karen Handel after the most expensive congressional race in U.S. history – a contest marred by vicious ads attacking Ossof.  Shadowy right wing PAC money painted Ossof as a stooge of the “mouthpiece of  terrorists” and attempted to tie him up in the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise.

Ossof could not even match the showing of little-known Archie Parnell in the almost completely under the radar South Carolina special election also held on Tuesday.  Ossof lost by 6 points, Parnell only lost by 4 in a much more heavily Republican district.

All this shows that the GOP is holding serve where it needs to and that the Dems are lost in the woods right now.   Running basic unknowns against established politicians isn’t going to cut it no matter how much money is thrown at a race.  The message of “At least we’re not crazy” doesn’t seem to be resonating in the heartland.   Sitting around waiting for the Republicans to shoot themselves in the foot (something they are wont to do) is not working.  There is no coherent message as an alternative to a party that has been the party of War and Recession for nearly 40 years.  If you can’t beat these guys, maybe just maybe you should think about folding up shop.  Red has some ideas for a new party – but that is for another time.

Right now 2018 is looking better and better for Trump.  Red thinks Trump has a real shot at securing an even larger working majority in the House and Senate while the GOP retains control at the statehouse level across the country.  The U.S. is not headed towards strict one-party rule (like Texas), but it is approaching de facto status in that regard.

Doesn’t Mike McCaul have enough to do – what with being a Congressman and all?

Politico reports that Texas Republican Congressman Mike McCaul (more or less of Austin – although with his heavily gerrymandered district it’s hard to pinpoint an epicenter) has reported approximately 7,300 stock transactions in an array of industries over a two-year period.   McCaul is reportedly the first or second wealthiest member of Congress with an estimated net worth of almost $300,000,000.  Yet, that aint enough apparently.  McCaul and his family are voracious stock traders bent on acquiring even more money and creating a potential ethical quagmire as McCaul surely must be voting on matters that affect his personal wealth.  Red foolishly thinks that a Congressman should actually pay attention to the business of the nation more than his own pocketbook.

Now don’t get Red wrong here. Red admires McCaul as someone who got rich the old-fashioned way.  He married well.  Most of McCaul’s wealth is held by his wife, Linda McCaul, the daughter of Clear Channel Communications CEO and founder Lowry Mays.  His skyrocketing overall net worth appears to be the product of generational wealth transfer.  If only Red had been so smart he too could have been busy carrying water for his corporate masters in D.C. in his spare time after he finished his day-trading.

Today in Texas History – March 23

From the Annals of Lying Ted – In 2015, Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) announced that he would seek the GOP nomination for President.  Cruz who had held elective office for less than 2 years and was widely reported to be the most hated man in the U.S. Senate seemed a long shot at the time but stunned observers by winning the Iowa Caucuses.  That win kept him in the race for the long haul.  Cruz racked up several more primary and caucus wins including Texas.  Cruz’s campaign, however, was dogged by accusations and proof of various “dirty tricks” including a misinformation campaign about Ben Carson before the Iowa Caucus and a smear campaign against Marco Rubio.  These problems resulted in Donald Trump (amazingly now it seems) tagging his as “Lying Ted.”  In the end, Cruz was unable to match the bombastic firepower of Donald Trump and was forced to suspend his campaign after losing in Indiana.  There was talk of Cruz attempting to engineer a brokered convention but that fell apart with Trump’s closing rush.  It is hard to say how the losing run will affect Cruz’s political future.  He seems certain to draw an opponent in the Republican primary in 2018.

On a personal note, Red can state that within in 10 minutes of meeting Ted Cruz (well before he became a major public figure), he was convinced that he was about the most obnoxious person he had ever met.

Louie Gohmert – Coward of the Congress

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TP-Texas) is refusing to attend any town halls in his district because he is scared that he might get shot.

“At this time there are groups from the more violent strains of the leftist ideology, some even being paid, who are preying on public town halls to wreak havoc and threaten public safetyis afraid of being shot.”

Of course, Gohmert offers no evidence of his “fake news” regarding people being paid to attend town halls and no evidence that any violence has erupted at such an event.  Gohmert went so far as use the shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords as an excuse for his cowardice.   Loony Louie pathetically attempted to cloak his spinelessness in the context of protecting his constituents.  Gohmert claims that the House Sergeant at Arms advised him after Giffords was shot that the “civilian attendees at Congressional public events stand the most chance of being harmed or killed.”

As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I am sure that Gohmert would fully support citizens openly sporting firearms at any town hall and according to NRA theology that will prevent anyone from acting up – because “an armed society is a polite society.”  Take your own gun Louie and out draw the bad guys.

So why is Gohmert really afraid to face his constituents?  Could it have anything to do with the challenges that other members of Congress are getting at their events? Could it have anything to do with LG’s inability to string coherent thoughts together in response to a sensible argument?   Or is Gohmert just a spineless little coward?

The Enemy of the American People (cont.) – Let’s Add to the List

Why stop at the mainstream media (with the notable exception of Fox & Friends)?  Surely there are lots more enemies of the American people lurking out there.  Red will help Trump out on this one.  Here is Red’s list of at least 100 more EOTAP’s that must be rooted out and villified.

  1.  Democrats
  2. Independents who voted for Hillary
  3. The Undecided
  4. Union Members
  5. Artists
  6. Musicians
  7. Hollywood
  8. Jews
  9. Muslims
  10. Mormons
  11. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)
  12. Lindsay Graham
  13. John McCain
  14. Canadians
  15. Mexicans
  16. Illegal Aliens
  17. The EU
  18. FIFA
  19. Environmentalists
  20. Any Court or Judge that rules against Trump
  21. Trial Lawyers
  22. PETA
  23. Greenpeace
  24. The Sierra Club
  25. The Wilderness Society
  26. University Professors
  27. The NEA
  28. NPR
  29. PBS
  30. John Kasich
  31. The CIA
  32. The FBI
  33. State Department Foreign Service Officers
  34. The Black Panthers
  35. Scientists
  36. Amnesty International
  37. Planned Parenthood
  38. NARAL
  39. Keith Olbermann
  40. Greg Popovitch
  41. Colin Kaepernick
  42. Librarians
  43. Coretta Scott King
  44. The ACLU
  45. The Green Party
  46. Morning Joe
  47. The Gallup Poll
  48. Real Clear Politics
  49. The Clinton Foundation
  50. Warren Buffet
  51. Anyone who sues Trump
  52. John Oliver
  53. Saturday Night Live
  54. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  55. Fastcheck
  56. Politifact
  57. Snopes
  58. Foreignors
  59. Four Members of the Supreme Court
  60. California
  61. Charles Sykes
  62. Lesbians
  63. Gay Men
  64. Bisexuals
  65. The Transgendered
  66. The Questioning
  67. U2
  68. Peaceniks
  69. Pacifists
  70. Quakers
  71. Commies
  72. Socialists
  73. Lady Gaga
  74. Leakers
  75. Progressive Christians
  76. The Salvation Army
  77. Liberal Arts Colleges
  78. African-Americans
  79. Deadheads
  80. Dope smokers
  81. Nordstrom
  82. Abortion Providers
  83. Planned Parenthood
  84. The National Park Service
  85. Alternative Energy Providers
  86. Punk Rockers
  87. Climatologists
  88. Flag Burners
  89. Criminal Defense Lawyers
  90. The Poor
  91. Welfare Queens
  92. Vegetarians
  93. Vegans
  94. Birkenstock Wearers
  95. Old Hippies
  96. Arab-Americans
  97. Native Americans
  98. The NAACP
  99. Red from Texas
  100. And maybe you!

Notably missing from the list of Enemies of the American People are Vladimir Putin and his Russian Kleptocracy because wouldn’t it be great if we got along with a brutal dictator, murderer and his gang of criminals.

Trump’s Broken Promises

In the first of what likely will be a long line of broken promises from the Trump administration, comes news that Mexico will not be paying for the “beautiful wall” after all.  Instead, Trump and his feckless Republican allies will rely on a previous authorization from the W. Bush era which provided for construction of a fence – not a wall.  The GOP will seek to add funding for the fence to an omnibus budget bill to lessen the chance of opposition.

Now as you know, Red fully supports the Trump/GOP agenda under the theory that America voted for these clowns and deserves to get the just desserts of its choice.  Which means that Red fully supports a beautiful wall  (not a fence) paid for by our good amigos in Mexico.  After all, what were the two most prominent items that DJ Trump kept promising over and over at his massive rallies?  It’s seems so long ago, but Red vaguely remembers that Hillary was going to prison and that Mexico was paying for the wall.  Remember “Lock her up!” and “Who’s going to pay for it?”  Guess what saps?  Hillary is going nowhere and you are paying for the wall.



Red Wants it All from a Trump Presidency and Republican Congress

Since the people have spoken and want the GOP in charge of everything, Red is jumping on the bandwagon and he wants it all.  Red wants the entire Trump/Republican agenda.  And he will be damn pissed off if it doesn’t come to pass.  Here’s what Red wants:

  1. The 12-15 million illegal aliens need to be rounded up and sent home. Every last one of those free-loading bastards.
  2. The beautiful wall on the southern border needs to be built and it better be a real wall.
  3. Mexico needs to pay for it.
  4. No more Chinese made crap in our stores.
  5. NAFTA needs to go.
  6. NATO allies – screw them. Whatever Putin wants is cool.
  7. Minimum wage – you’ll take what we give you and like it.
  8. Get rid of the EPA and environmental regulation – business knows best. Dirty air and water are a small price to pay.
  9. Discrimination laws gone – again business knows best.
  10. Hillary must be put in prison – Lock Her Up!
  11. Overturn Roe v. Wade.
  12. Women who get illegal abortions need to go to prison where they can hang out with Hillary.
  13. Better yet, the death penalty for an abortion because murder is murder.
  14. Massive tax cuts for the wealthiest.  They have been so put upon.
  15. More taxes for the poorest, it’s entirely their fault they are poor. They need to pay.
  16. End federal funding of education.  Dumber folks will continue to vote Republican.
  17. Recriminalize sodomy.  Those homos who are screwing each other need to go to jail
  18. End same sex marriage.  You decided to be queer – get over it.
  19. English only everywhere. Comprende, Pedro?
  20. Bring back the gold standard – get rid of the Federal Reserve.
  21. Take over fight for Mosul. Defeat ISIS and take the oil.
  22. No Muslims coming to the US.  Sorry Abdul, go back to camel racing.
  23. Bomb the ever-loving shit out of Iran. Then bomb them some more.
  24. Make it as hard as humanly possible to cast a vote – unless White of course.
  25. Stop and frisk every person of color whenever possible – they are probably criminals and just don’t know it yet.
  26. In fact, just let the police do whatever they think is best – as long as the Republicans are in control anyway.
  27. Enforce the Second Amendment.  You want a personal nuclear warhead, that’s cool because you have the right to bear arms and a nuke is an “arm.”  If you’re black and carrying a weapon, however, you are just asking for it.
  28. Endangered species – to stupid to live – not our problem.
  29. Global warming beats the hell out of global cooling.  Carbon is life.  We need more carbon.
  30. Coal mines.  Dig deeper.
  31. Steel mills – reopened.
  32. Wall Street needs to be set free to create more opportunities for the wealthy to get wealthier.  A rising tide . . . and all.
  33. Withdraw from the UN – bunch of commies.
  34. Repeal Obamacare.  Replace it with something that increases the bottom line for insurance companies.  They know best too.
  35. Social security and Medicare need to be privatized too.  People will make wise decisions – like investing in a Trump property or taking a class at Trump U.
  36. Balance the budget – recession be damned.
  37. Increase military spending – double what the rest of world combined spends just aint getting it done.

Red is sure there is more, but this is a good start.  He’ll get back to you.

Two Texas Judges Leave GOP – Will the Trickle Become a Flood?

In the past two weeks, two Texas judges have said, “Enough” to the Tea Party dominated Texas GOP.  First Terry Jennings of the First Court of Appeals in Houston switched to the Democrats.  According to Jennings:

 “The Democratic party- and the Democratic party alone- presents our country with a positive and optimistic vision for the future of all Americans, not just a select few.”

Then this week, Judge Lauren Parish of the 115th Judicial District which serves Upshur and Marion Counties returned to the fold.  Parish had served as a Democrat but changed teams as those  rural counties turned more and more red.  Parish cited her Christian values in making the decision to return to the Democratic Party.

“The Grand Old Party of Lincoln no longer exists today. The current Republican Party has abandoned all the principles instilled in me by my parents, my church and my community.

I was brought up to respect my fellow man and to respect authority, to love my neighbor, to help those who cannot help themselves, and to help build people up not tear people down.

I see no way of reconciling my Christian beliefs with the manner in which the Republican Party is conducting itself. That is why I feel compelled to stand up and come back to the Texas Democratic Party.”

Almost too predictably, the Republican powers that be in Upshur County are now contemplating suing Parish after she issued an order making it easier for prospective jurors to do their civic duty.  Parish ordered the court house to be opened at 7:30 on jury days with the metal detector operating.  That got up the hackles of the Tea Party controlled county government and the county commissioners have hired an Austin law firm to investigate whether to sue Parish.

Red doubts that this signifies a larger trend.  It may be that some RINO judges in Harris County join Jennings in abandoning the GOP ship, but it seems unlikely right now.  If the Democrats sweep in November, Red may be singing a different tune.


Do You Hear that Sound, Donald?

It’s the fat lady warming up.

Most prognosticators, including Red, believe that Donald Trump killed off whatever last chance he had at turning the election around when he refused to acknowledge that he would accept the results of the election should he lose.  And given Putin’s interference in the election through hacking of the Democrats, there was still a chance.  Yes, there might be legitimate grounds for asking for a recount or challenging specific aspects of the vote, but Trump’s comments were in line with his previous claim that the election is “rigged” and that the American people cannot trust their local election officials (the majority of whom are in fact Republicans) to conduct an open and fair vote.  This is a basic repudiation of electoral system and our democracy and reveals the true character of Trump as a whining, petulant bully who is the first to cry foul when he doesn’t get his way.